Privacy Policy

By using this site, you acknowledge the following policies:

  • When browsing the site, we automatically log pages visited, but IP addresses aren't stored.
  • We use Sentry, an error monitoring service which lets us know when errors occur for users so we can get on them ASAP. This sometimes records IP addresses, but we don't really care about them and don't use them since they don't tell us much. Data is only retained for 90 days before being deleted, according to Sentry.
  • When creating an account, we store email and, if using a social sign-in like Discord or Google, we store the account identifier as well. This is all so we can match up your account on sign-in and prevent others from pretending to be you.
  • We don't store passwords because we don't need to. Social sign-in and email magic links let those providers authenticate you for us.
  • When logging into your account, we store a cookie in your browser to keep you signed in so you don't have to keep logging in every single time you visit the site. The data is minimal and is not shared elsewhere.
  • We use YouTube's Data API service to include YouTube search results in the search bar, so we're required to also link to YouTube's Privacy policy: and Google's Privacy Policy: By using this site and these features, you also agree to these terms and policies.
    • Don't worry, we just pass a search query along to YouTube. No cookies or personal data or anything related to you or your YouTube account (if you have one) are used/collected in this process. YouTube only sees a search coming from Language Roadmap using our own API key.
    • We search for YouTube channels only using the search query, and only store basic channel data from the results: thumbnail URL, title, Id, description, and language.
    • Queries are logged, but only the query text is stored, nothing related to YouTube is tied to this logged data. We do not share queries with other parties.
    • We do not embed the YouTube content on this site to watch.
    • We do not serve advertisements from YouTube.
    • Any thumbs-up/down ratings on this site do not come from nor influence YouTube likes/dislikes. Ratings on this site exist only on this site.
    • To contact us about these policies, please send a message on our Discord server

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