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How it Works


Learning a language through media immersion can be tough when you don't know what to watch, read, or listen to. Learners can struggle to balance material that is both interesting and at their skill level (AKA compelling comprehensible input). We think you can have both. Here, learners can see what's out there and find titles that are both interesting and comprehensible to them. Pick and choose the best content to immerse in next and plot your own language learning roadmap!



Search through our community-grown catalog, full of movies, TV shows, books, YouTube channels, with more to come.


Browse content for over 100 languages

Genres and Tags

Find the perfect mix of genres or themes, from action to soap operas.

Difficulty Scores

Sort by difficulty to chart a path towards language acquisition.


Book worm? Movie buff? Podcast addict? YouTuber? Filter by medium if you want to stick with movies, books, TV shows, YouTube, or podcasts. More to come.

Search and Import

Not seeing a certain title? Use the search bar to find it in other, external libraries. Clicking on a search result will import it here and grab the necessary info like the title, description, and image so you don't have to.

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Difficulty Ranking System

Find content at your level and rank titles you've consumed to help build a global ranking system.

Sort by Difficulty

When browsing, you can sort by difficulty. Each score has a confidence weight that tells you how sure we are of that score. More rankings = better confidence.


Once you've added content to your library, rank it. We'll give you two titles you've watched/read/listened to and ask you which was easier. To keep apples with apples and oranges with oranges, we'll only ask you to compare same-language and same-medium titles.

Immersion Tracker

Keep track of what you're currently watching/reading/listening to.


Found a title that sounds awesome but you're currently busy with another? Bookmark it to come back to it later.

Track Progress

Finishing a book, series, or movie in a foreign language is a serious milestone. Add it to your library, track your total hours and pages, and show off your progress on your profile page!


Give a title a thumbs up or down. This helps you get recommendations and helps others not only find content at their level, but also content which is engaging.

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Recommendation System

Find the best title, faster

View neighboring content

Checkout titles that are similar in genre and difficulty

See what others liked

Check out what other users liked based on a given title

Based on your entire library

Get recommendations based on your historical taste and difficulty preferences