What is this?

A catalog of movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, and YouTube channels.

Who is it for?

Language learners who are using media to immerse in their target language. The catalog contains helpful information like genres and difficulty scores to help you find the best content on your learning journey.

Where is all the content? I don't see anything for my target language.

This is a community-driven catalog and takes some time to build. Users import content and contribute as a community, much like Wikipedia. Luckily, we have a powerful import feature which pulls in just about all of the data (image, name, description, media type) automatically. Importing only takes seconds!

How do I import/add content?

Use the search bar in the at the top (right) of the page. When you see an entry you want to import, click on it. This will bring you to a new page where you can add the target language (the language you consumed it in), and the genre tags.

I don't see any YouTube channel results, why?

YouTube is searched through Google's programming API. Google sets a daily quota on searches and it doesn't take much to fill it up. We're in the process of getting this quota increased. For now, if you don't see YouTube channel results, wait a day and try again.

Can I watch the content here?

No, for legal reasons we don't host the media ourselves, we just catalog it and let users find it. We are more like Goodreads than a bookstore or more like MyAnimeList than Crunchyroll. We plan on providing more help to users in the future.

What is the difficulty score/ranking?

This is a score generated by user interaction. Users rank similar content they've consumed by difficulty (A vs. B). These choices alter the score of each piece of content that was ranked.

How do I see difficulty scores?

Users can see the individual scores on the browse page on the poster cards in grid view, under the table view, or by clicking on an individual title. You can also sort by difficulty on the browse view.

What does the cell reception icon mean?

This icon represents the confidence we have for the difficulty score next to the icon. More bars = more confidence. As users rank the title more, the confidence grows.

How do I rank content?

After you have added at least two titles of the same language and media type to your library, visit the ranking page. This will prompt you with two random titles of the same language and media type and ask you which was easier. You can pick one, the other, or say they were about the same. You can also skip it and try another.

How do I add to my library?

Go to a single title's page and click the check mark button. If you rate the title as thumbs up/down, this will also add it to your library.

How do I view my library?

Once you have an account, click 'My Library' in the header. There you can see your finished/currently consuming content as well as your bookmarks.

Why do I see multiple entries for the same title?

We separate different languages for the same title. This is so ranking and rating (thumbs up/down) is accurate for those who are learning that language. We don't want to have one language community ranking the same title as another community since this would introduce bias in the scores.

What's the difference between bookmarks and my library?

Use bookmarks for things you want to check out later. Add a title to your library when you're currently watching/reading/listening to it or have finished it. Adding to your library and rating content with a thumbs-up/down also helps you get better recommendations!