Learning Chinese through Stories

Learning Chinese through Stories


Target Language: cn flag Chinese(Native Version)
Length:123 hrs(Avg: 19 mins)
Rating:20.7(1 rating)
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Sample episode: 🚀Season2 Episode6 I'm going to go buy a cup of coffee - Reallife Chinese for beginners (4/21/2024)


Using more than 99% target language, Learning Chinese through stories听故事说中文 creates authentic and immersive Chinese language podcast. It covers a wide range of topics and proficiency levels(Novice, Intermediate, Advanced). Every story has two parts: story (A) and story explanation (B), accompanied by annotated vocabulary and transcript. For example, an episode titled "2.3.12 A" means this episode is at the level of Intermediate High (2.3), is the 12th episode created for this level, and is the...

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